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Access to more than 250,000 pieces of work.

  • Collates every advert that has been entered into the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity since 2001
  • 250,000 + ads that inspire - all fully credited and cross-referenced

Find inspiration.

  • More than 100 talks by thought-leaders and experts in all forms of communications and creative thinking. That's 120 hours of inspiration
  • Learn from the past to create campaigns of the future
  • Check out the credentials of the industry's top people and source talent from around the world
  • Learn how to win a highly-coveted Lion trophy

Turn inspiration into ideas.

  • Use for research, in pitches and client presentations, to generate ideas and to help inspire
  • Group all your favourite campaigns or individual work to view later using the 'Favourites' link throughout the site
  • Share your playlists with others

Account Executives & New Business Directors

The Archive is the ideal source of the extra knowledge and insight it takes to win pitches every time, inspire real confidence in clients and get that crucial edge over competitors.

  • Instantly find every piece of work your client’s brand has submitted globally
  • Build valuable market knowledge about competitors
  • Understand what is winning and driving award-winning work
  • Collect examples for presentations quickly and easily
  • Educate clients and colleagues about the creative providing great returns

Talent or Recruitment Professionals

Looking for world class creatives to recruit? The Archive is a superb resource to aid any talent manager’s search for the best people to drive an agency forward.

  • View the best work from the most promising talent
  • Identify consistently high level performers
  • Easily compare and contrast between candidates
  • Corroborate claims on CVs
  • Watch the industry’s top talent delivering seminars


The Archive gives you a bird’s eye view of your market space, allowing you to compare and contrast hundreds of thousands of highly successful campaigns from every corner of the globe.

  • See how your brand measures up against competitors
  • Discover the regional approaches proven to work in your brand category
  • View the work that’s setting the benchmark in creative communications
  • Collect examples for presentations quickly and easily
  • Be better prepared to guide the creative direction of your campaigns


The Archive is an invaluable resource for anyone in the creative industries, whether you’re looking to get a detailed insight into classic campaigns or searching for hidden gems of creative excellence.

  • Gain inspiration from world-class campaigns
  • Get a complete overview of your clients’ creative histories
  • Collect examples for presentations quickly and Easily
  • Save and share work to inspire clients and colleagues
  • Watch creative seminars laden with new ideas


Packed with award-winning case studies for you to review, the Archive provides an in-depth insight into work proven to succeed – including case films, full submission details and campaign overview.

  • Research clients and keep track of competitors
  • Learn which campaigns were most effective and see how they were implemented
  • Discover the approaches that get results in each region
  • Easily collect examples for briefings or for sharing with clients
  • Watch creative seminars laden with new ideas

Subscriber Testimonials

“The Cannes Lions Archive is an essential training tool for my creative department. In order to evolve you need to not only recognize best practise but also to understand what makes a case successful. Therefore I task my colleagues to identify and extract the key success factors from the best cases in the archive and transform them into strategies. In addition the archive is an instrumental tool to help inspire and educate our clients. It's basically a must have.”
- Tom Beckman, Executive Creative Director, Prime

“The Cannes Lions Archive is a wonderful resource. It is a record of what has won in past years and provides a historical snapshot of the industry: what the standard of work was in years past, where we were, how far we’ve come and what seems to be trending for the future.”
- Jessica Sinn, Awards Show Manager, Wieden + Kennedy

“The Cannes Lions Archive is an invaluable resource for my network. From assisting in preparing entries into festivals to finding inspiration from past lions winners and seminars, the archive is a goldmine of knowledge. Its rich content and easy to use interface makes the Cannes Lions Archive easily my favourite database to use and one of the most requested resources by people in departments across the agency.”
- Jennifer Skidgel, Associate Director Global Awards, Leo Burnett Worldwide

“The Cannes Lions Archive is one of the most effective archives we have worked with. It's not only an invaluable tool for historical and cultural references, but it can inspire and stimulate fresh ideas. And it's incredibly useful for research, client presentations and for pitches. We wouldn't be without it.”
- Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide